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Deck Repair & Maintenance

Do you wish you didn’t have to spend to spend to much time on deck repairs? Is your deck falling apart? Is the paint peeling off your deck and railings? Are your embarrassed to invite your family and friends over due to the appearance of your deck? Maybe it’s time to consider getting some deck repair and staining to bring back that wow factor.


No one wants a deck that doesn’t look presentable. Getting your deck repaired for minor or major damages will leave you feeling happy about your home again. This leaves your home in beautiful shape for family and friends to come over and spend time with you outdoors on your newly improved deck. Util construction is your premier deck repair and maintenance specialist in New Jersey. 

Brown wooden deck with matching balustrade and stairs, complemented by pink blooming shrubs, set against a beige suburban home with plastic sheeting on the porch.
Top-down view of a person power washing a wooden deck, restoring the wood's natural color contrasted with the surrounding green grass.

Pressure Washing & Staining

Before you stain a deck, you should always pressure wash it to expose the wood so that in can absorb new stain or surface coatings. This also exposes any underlying damage that cannot be seen beneath heavily coated surfaces. When pressure washing a deck, it is important to make sure that the pressure is not set too high, the nozzle is not too close to the decking, and the correct nozzle is used. If these guidelines are not followed, the ending result is damaged decking or railings that will need to be replaced.

Freshly stained wooden deck with lattice skirting and blooming pink flowers adding a touch of color against a two-story home's exterior.

Sanding & Painting

If you plan to stain or paint your deck, sanding the surface before application can make the wood better absorb the coating. Util construction uses an orbital sander to remove any old gloss and smooth out any rough areas. It is important to use the correct type of paint on your deck that will protect it from UV damage and will not seal moisture into the boards. There are many brands that keep all of the moisture in the boards causing your decking to rot. Util construction has a wealth of experience with deck coatings and can recommend the Best products. 

Newly installed pressure-treated decking contrasts with the existing red stained portion, awaiting finishing touches under a sunny sky.

Deck Repairs

When it comes to the maintenance of your deck, repairs are often necessary. From something as easy as replacing a decking board here and there to replacing damaged framing and footings Util Construction has you covered. We will go over all of the repairs needed to make your deck safe and usable again, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space and make more memories with friends and family.


Deck Inspection

The first step in rejuvenating your deck is by having Util Construction complete a through inspection of the current condition. We will look at your existing footings, deck frame, decking, and railings and go over the options that you have regarding repairs and maintenance.

An expansive deck in need of care stands behind a suburban home, showing signs of weathering and a space ready for transformation.


Pressure Washing & Sanding

During this phase, we remove the existing surface coating on your existing decking by pressure washing or sanding. This will enable us to further evaluate the condition of your decking and railings to make sure that they will last. If anything needs replacement, we will go over the options with you. Once the pressure washing or sanding is complete, your deck is now ready to have all of the repairs completed.

A close-up view highlights the weathered textures and natural wear of wooden deck boards, telling stories of exposure to the elements and the passage of time.


Deck Repairs

Once we have completed all of the recommended repairs to your deck  such as adding additional hardware, replacing damaged hardware, replacing rotted boards, railings, or framing, then we can start the process of installing your new surface coating.

A person is seen engaged in the process of deck maintenance, utilizing a crowbar to remove old, damaged wooden planks, preparing the area for restoration and resurfacing.


Staining & Painting

With a new coat of deck stain or paint, your deck will look brand new again. This new coating will help protect the wood, as well as make your deck look amazing. Util Construction uses the top brands of deck stain and paint, which give you the longest lasting finish. 

A freshly oiled or varnished wooden deck, with its rich, deep color enhanced and protected from the elements, displaying the deck's readiness for use and enjoyment.

How It Works

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