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Deck Resurfacing

Have an old worn out deck? Are your deck railings loose, falling apart, or rotting? Are you tired of replacing wooden deck boards every year? Or are you tired of the high amount of maintenance that is required to keep your wood deck looking nice?

Looks like getting your deck resurfaced is the perfect solution for you.

Deck Resurfacing is the process of renewing your deck by removing your existing deck boards, railings, and steps; and then replacing them with new low maintenance materials. Util Construction is your premier deck resurfacer. We have resurfaced many amazing decks large and small. We have developed processes to make your deck resurfacing project go smoothly from start to finish.

Traditional wooden deck with reddish-brown stain and balustrade, adjacent to a gray vinyl-sided house, featuring steps leading to a backyard.
Elevated deck staircase with rich brown composite decking and matching balusters, creating a seamless transition from home to garden.

Fresh New Look

When you resurface your existing deck, you are updating it with new materials. This gives you a new modern look with low maintenance materials, and all of the benefits of composite. Imagine never having to sand, stain, or paint your decking or railings even again! No more replacing rotted boards! and no more splinters from wood decking! You can choose from our wide selection of available decking and railings to get the features that you want.

Evening view of a beautifully lit deck stairway leading to an inviting gazebo, showcasing the warm ambiance of outdoor deck lighting.

Cheaper Than A New Deck

Resurfacing your existing deck is significantly cheaper than replacing it with a brand new one. By using your existing deck frame and footings, the cost of updating your deck is greatly reduced. We replace the old decking, railings, and steps. with new materials so that your deck looks brand new. Our team will inspect your existing deck frame to make sure it can be used so that you can enjoy it for many more years.

Construction tools on a newly installed composite deck, illustrating a work in progress with a clear blue sky and lush greenery in the background.

Amazing Warranties

All of the materials that we use offer the best warranties in the decking industry. Throughout the the years, we have tried many different brands of material, and have narrowed our product offerings based upon quality and durability. Util Construction recommends only the best brands so that you can be confident you are getting outstanding products and service.


Frame Inspection

Util Construction will inspect your existing deck frame to ensure that it is in good condition and will be able to support new decking. This is very important because not all deck frames meet the requirements for composite decking.

Old wooden deck in need of repair or resurfacing, showing weathered railings and stairs on a residential property, with a lush green lawn and a two-story house in the background.


Removal Of Old Materials

Once you have selected all of your colors and materials, we will begin our process. We will start with the removal of your existing decks railings, decking, and steps. Don't worry about the disposal, we've got you covered with that also.

Backyard deck under construction with foundational posts and beams in place, adjacent to a two-story house, with construction materials scattered on the lawn.


Frame Repair

Util Construction will bring your deck frame to current building standards. we will add or replace missing or damaged hardware, replace damaged or rotted deck joists, and make sure your footings are in good condition.

Construction worker building a new deck framework in the backyard of a residential home, with tools and equipment on a bright sunny day.


Decking Installation

Once your deck frame has been repaired and brought up to building standards, we will begin the installation of the new decking. If you added the optional picture frame on the surface, this will be installed after the decking in the main area.

Newly installed light gray composite decking on a residential backyard deck construction project with tools on steps, near a beige house.


Railings & Other Options Installation

One of the last parts of the deck to be installed is the railings. Once your railings are installed, we then install your other optional items such as LED lighting, skirting, railing gates. Now you'r all set to enjoy your newly resurfaced deck.

Aerial view of a completed deck resurfacing project featuring modern gray composite decking with white railing and staircase adjacent to a two-story house.

How It Works

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