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New Decks

Do you wish you could spend more time outdoors entertaining, or spending time with your family? Is your existing deck too small for gatherings?  Do you have a patio that is sinking or uneven? Or do you have a small staircase with nowhere to sit or spend time outdoors? Maybe it’s time to consider building a new deck so that you can spend more time outdoors with family and friends.


As one of New Jersey’s Premier Deck Builders, we have built many new decks large and small. Our streamlined process makes it easy for our clients to turn their visions into reality. When you get a new deck from Util Construction, it comes with one of the best warranties on the market, giving you peace of mind that if anything happens, we’ve got you covered.

Elegant composite deck with white railing and staircase extending from a traditional home, integrating seamlessly into a backyard setting.
Modern grey composite deck with contrasting white railing and stairway, adjacent to a house, showcasing contemporary design and outdoor style.

Enjoy Time Outdoors

Having a new deck allows you to enjoy more time outdoors with your friends and family, leaving you with the space opportunity to have larger gatherings and cookouts. You can sit around your fire pit while making s’mores with family and friends in the evening, or drink your coffee on a early Sunday morning. Investing in a new deck not only gives you more space and opportunity for friends, but it also leaves you feeling accomplished and happy about your home. 

Low-profile residential composite deck in warm wood tones with built-in steps, enhancing the backyard of a light-colored siding home at dusk.

Low Maintenance Materials

While we offer pressure treated wood decks, we also build composite decks. With a composite deck, you have little to no maintenance at all. This makes your life easier rather then dealing with a wood deck that needs to be sand and stain on a yearly or bi-annual basis. Composite  decks require less maintenance, if it gets dirty you can wash it with hose, if it’s extra dirty you can wash it with soap, water, and broom. Now if it gets extremely disgustingly dirty then you can wash it with a pressure washer, Eliminating the need to sand and stain. 

Elevated composite deck with white and black railing and lattice skirting adjacent to a beige siding house, showcasing a modern and inviting outdoor area.

Increases Property Values

Many home renovation projects can seem daunting, like adding or building a new deck. Did you know that building a deck or improving a deck can boosts your homes resale value. With very few considerations you can improve your ability to relax outside of  your home and improve the resale value if you decide to move. On average you will recoup over 80% of the costs of your new deck if selling your home immediately. However, your homes value increases 8-10% per year, so within 2-3 years you can realistically collect roughly 100% of your deck investment while you get to enjoy the deck.


Permit Application

Every new deck requires a permit application. Util Construction will have a licensed architect draw up building plans for your deck project and submit them along with the permit application for your project. Every township has different timeframes for permit approvals, however the average timeframe can range between 4-12 weeks depending on the season.

Stack of construction permit application forms for building projects, including technical details and checklists, essential for legal compliance in construction planning.


Footings Installation

Once your township approves the building permits for your project, we will schedule your footing installation. This is the very first step in the building process. Most townships require a footing inspection prior to the frame installation depending on the type of footings we are installing. Util Construction will keep you in the loop regarding each of your project milestones.

Close-up of a construction worker's hands installing a metal bracket on a concrete filled Quik-Tube building form, part of the foundation setting process.


Frame Installation

When your footing inspection is completed, Util Construction will begin the installation of your deck frame. We use #1 grade ground contact pressure treated framing with galvanized hardware which is made to last over 25-years.

Aerial view of a deck under construction adjacent to a white house, showcasing the wooden joist framework and initial stages of deck installation.


Decking Installation

When the frame installation is complete, we will schedule the framing inspection with your township. Upon completion of the inspection, Util Construction will begin the installation of the decking that you have selected for your project. All of our decking comes with the best warranties in the industry, giving you peace of mind.

Bird's-eye view of a large deck construction in progress featuring brown composite decking material and white posts, adjacent to a white house with vinyl siding.


Railings & Other Options Installation

One of the last parts of the deck to be installed is the railings. Once your railings are installed, we then install your other optional items such as LED lighting, skirting, railing gates. Now you'r all set to enjoy your newly built deck.

Aerial view of a newly installed deck with warm brown composite decking, white railings, and matching stairway leading to a suburban two-story house.

How It Works

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