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Deck Resurface
Trex Enhance Foggy Warf Decking

South Brunswick, NJ, USA

In South Brunswick, NJ, a stunning deck transformation awaits with our latest resurfacing project featuring Trex Enhance decking in the serene shade of Foggy Wharf. This deck makeover is designed to combine aesthetics with functionality, integrating the sleek, low-maintenance appeal of Trex composite decking with the crisp, clean lines of T-top vinyl railing. The addition of white lattice not only adds an element of privacy but also enhances the deck's overall charm, while the use of royal PVC board trim ensures a polished finish that's both durable and weather-resistant. This project encapsulates the perfect blend of modern design and practicality, ensuring a beautiful outdoor space that's built to last.

Decking Type: Trex Enhance Decking in the color Foggy Wharf
Railing: White T-top Vinyl Railing
Fascia: White PVC Trim
Skirting: White Vinyl Lattice
Extra(s): LED Post Lights

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